For the King and His Kingdom

In the summer of 2018, several central Kentucky families began meeting at a home each Friday night. The agenda was simple: share a meal,  pray for one another, and explore the idea of launching a new church in the Lexington area.

In the group, there was a collective hunger for something more than conventional church as they had known it – there was a hunger for Presence that took priority over all things.  They believed that the primary mission of every church was to be a dwelling place for the Presence of God on earth, ministering to His heart through prayer and worship.

On this “Presence-driven” foundation, this small group– the core families of King’s Church – committed to build a church with the mission of pursuing God and expanding his Kingdom, by becoming three things:


A Worshipping Family

King’s Church is a worshipping family that hosts the Holy Spirit of God.  This means:

  • Worship encounters with the Holy Spirit that lead to transformation.
  • Biblical teaching & discipleship that leads to holy living.
  • Renowned in our community for radical love for God and others.

a house of prayer

King’s Church is a house of prayer that awakens our generation for kingdom renewal. This means:

  • Personal, family, and corporate lifestyles of prayer and fasting.
  • A night-and-day prayer room for our community.
  • An assembly of committed “intercessory missionaries”.

an apostolic mission

King’s Church is an apostolic mission that sends people out with power for ministry. This means:

  • All generations doing the works of Jesus with love, wisdom, and boldness.
  • Practical, hands-on training for supernatural ministry.
  • Planting more Kingdom churches in our region.